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My name is Kini Cosma and I have been in the legal industry for over 20 years. I am also the author to this blog. I was raised in a somewhat reform-conservative Jewish family.  My dad was the first Gentile to marry into the family of a long line of Kosher Orthodox Jews. Now, I do not have a Jewish last name and I do not look very Jewish but if you review all my legal work at
, you'll agree I have a deep sense of right and wrong and an inherent right to be a freedom fighter.

I want to tell you a story about an experience in my line of work and how the abduction of children in America is crying out to be reckoned with.

We have a legal aide in Klamath Falls, Oregon that barely thrives.  So, one day this young mother was desperate and came to me seeking assistance. Her child had been removed by another woman who claimed the child was hers due to the child being given the other girls last name. She told me that legal aide wanted $5,000 and could not guarantee the return of her child. Who else on G-d's green earth would receive a case right out of King Solomon's testament?

In the course of the investigation comes to find out a false guardianship was filed complete with a fraudulent notarized signature. The lady who claimed the child not only filed the false guardianship but had it notarized by a Klamath County Juvenile counselor who fraudulently verified the natural mother's signature stating she was giving up her maternal rights.

Incredibly, Klamath County Judge Rambo called the mother's aside and asked whether it was true. The truth was revealed and the natural mother was given back her child.

The sad situation ending this story was that no one was penalized for committing a fraud against the court and the corruption spread like wild fire. The Child Protective Services was alerted and while the mother was visiting her sister, the sisters boyfriend was released from prison. This entitled CPS to abduct the beautiful child under the guise that the mother was now associated with people who "was not in the best interest of the child" calling for the removal of the child from the home and submerging the baby into foster care until it could be adopted out. Strange how the Federal government provides funding for it's state employees using Title IV-D.

Please do not feel the need to donate to Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services, a non-profit organization, we are use to the retaliation, false arrests, malicious prosecutions and torture by U.S. Government officials.  Donate to any of the following agencies who do nothing but usurp donations under the guise of 501(c)3 and willing to allow judicial corruption spread like wild fire.  Here is the PARTIAL list:

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Vokes v. Arthur Murray

Vokes v. Arthur Murray, Inc., Florida Court of Appeals, 1968 (212 So.2d 906)

Plaintiff Mrs. Audrey E. Vokes, a widow of 51 years and without family, had a yen to be "an accomplished dancer" with the hopes of finding "new interest in life." So, on February 10, 1961, a dubious fate, with the assist of a motivated acquaintance, procured her to attend a "dance party" at Davenport's School of Dancing" where she wiled away the pleasant hours, sometimes in a private room, absorbing his accomplished sales technique, during which her grace and poise were elaborated upon and her rosy future as "an excellent dancer" was painted for her in vivid and glowing colors.

As an incident to this interlude, he sold her eight 1/2-hour dance lessons to be utilized within one calendar month therefrom, for the sum of $14.50 cash in hand paid, obviously a baited "come-on."

Thus she embarked upon an almost endless pursuit of the terpsichorean art during which, over a period of less than sixteen months, she was sold fourteen "dance courses" totalling in the aggregate 2.302 hours of dancing lessons for a total cash outlay of $31,09045, all at Davenport's dance emporium.

At one point she was sold 545 additional hours of dancing lessons to be entitled to the award of the "Bronze Medal" signifying that she had reached "the Bronze Standard," a supposed designation of dance achievement by students of Arthur Murray, Inc.

Later she was sold an additional 926 hours in order to gain the "Silver Medal," indicating she had reached "the Silver Standard," at a cost of $12,501.35.

At one point, while she still had to her credit about 900 unused hours of instructions, she was induced to purchase an additional 24 hours of lessons to participate in a trip to Miami at her own expense, where she would be "given the opportunity to dance with members of the Miami Studio."

She was induced at another point to purchase an additional 126 hours of lessons in order to be not only eligible for the Miami trip but also to become "a life member of the Arthur Murray Studio," carrying with it certain dubious emoluments, at a further cost of $1,752.30.

At another point, while she still had over 1,000 unused hours of instruction she was induced to buy 151 additional hours at a cost of $2,049.00 to be eligible for a "Student Trip to Trinidad," at her own expense as she later learned.

Also, when she still had more than 1,000 unused hours to her credit, she was prevailed upon to purchase an additional 347 hours at a cost of $4,235.74 to qualify her to receive a "Gold Metal" for achievement, indicating she had advanced to "the Gold Standard."

On another occasion, while she still had over 1,200 unused hours, she was induced to buy an additional 175 hours of instruction at a cost of $2,472.75, to be eligible "to take a trip to Mexico."

Finally, sandwiched in between other lesser sales promotions, she was influenced to buy an additional 481 hours of instruction at a cost of $6,523.81 in order to "be classified a a Gold Bar Member, the ultimate achievement of the dancing studio."

The Moral of the story?

The dance studios had falsely represented to her that she was improving in her dancing ability, that she had excellent potential, that she was responding to instructions in dancing grace, and that they were developing her into a beautiful dancer, whereas in truth and in fact she did not develop in her dancing ability, she had no "dance aptitude," and in fact had difficulty in "hearing the musical beat."

The complaint alleged that such representations to her "were in fact false and known by the defendant to be false and contrary to the plaintiff's true ability, the truth of plaintiff's ability being fully known to the defendants".

It was averred that the lessons were sold to her "in total disregard to the true physical, rhythm, and mental ability of the plaintiff." In other words, while she first exulted that she was entering the "spring of her life," she finally was awakened to the fact there was "spring" neither in her life nor in her feet.
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Monday, June 02, 2008

"Suddenly the 'S' Word Is Everywhere!"
Midlife Crises, Confusion, and the Personal Identity of the Manhood Ego
If a woman is to become President, we just want to know how much abuse a woman can take.

Naomi Wolf (Feminist Writer): When your'e saying, "I want to be President of the United States of America, what your telling the American people is that you can handle anything."

I predict by experience that more than 90% of men will have some kind of identity crises if a woman becomes President of the United States.

Not only will we have to take parenting classes, go to college, go to court, go to drug and alcohol programs, get a job, and find a place to live but soon we will have to take classes on how to deal with the male ego lest we fall short because we were not able to service the male ego according to his whims and our retribution landed us in jail.

Maybe women need to get their questions in order and do some research so we can come up with a solution for men and women to co-exist civilly on this planet.

What Do You Mean Sexism? A look at Hillary Clinton's claim of sexism in the coverage of her campaign.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

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Happy Passover.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Land o' the Nephilim


During December a water faust broke. I had to repair it so that I could continue to use the water for my horses. The Jehovah Witnesses in Klamath Falls, Oregon, insisted on visiting the owner of the home at the back doorway despite warnings of slip and fall accidents and the obvious tell-tale signs of black ice.

On December 28, 2007, I was working to unfreeze a hose and water was all over the concrete. Just that early in the morning, I warned the owner of the home that the situation was dangerous. Coincidently, while struggling to defrost the hose, the Jehovah Witnesses appeared unannounced. This time, the main ordinary Jehovah brought with them a man who was apparently disabled on a cane. It was apparent that I was struggling with the dangerous situation. I again informed the Jehovah that the situation was extremely dangerous during the winter and that maybe they should approach the front of the home where they could "preach" safely and without any disturbances.

The reason I am displaying this message is because the bad people make it difficult with hardships for the good people. Homeowner insurance companies gouge the responsible homeowner because of these kind of instances of stupidity and ignorance. If negligent people want to have slip and fall accidents, the good ones shouldn't have to pay the high prices of insurance increases!

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