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My name is Kini Cosma and I have been in the legal industry for over 20 years. I am also the author to this blog. I was raised in a somewhat reform-conservative Jewish family.  My dad was the first Gentile to marry into the family of a long line of Kosher Orthodox Jews. Now, I do not have a Jewish last name and I do not look very Jewish but if you review all my legal work at
, you'll agree I have a deep sense of right and wrong and an inherent right to be a freedom fighter.

I want to tell you a story about an experience in my line of work and how the abduction of children in America is crying out to be reckoned with.

We have a legal aide in Klamath Falls, Oregon that barely thrives.  So, one day this young mother was desperate and came to me seeking assistance. Her child had been removed by another woman who claimed the child was hers due to the child being given the other girls last name. She told me that legal aide wanted $5,000 and could not guarantee the return of her child. Who else on G-d's green earth would receive a case right out of King Solomon's testament?

In the course of the investigation comes to find out a false guardianship was filed complete with a fraudulent notarized signature. The lady who claimed the child not only filed the false guardianship but had it notarized by a Klamath County Juvenile counselor who fraudulently verified the natural mother's signature stating she was giving up her maternal rights.

Incredibly, Klamath County Judge Rambo called the mother's aside and asked whether it was true. The truth was revealed and the natural mother was given back her child.

The sad situation ending this story was that no one was penalized for committing a fraud against the court and the corruption spread like wild fire. The Child Protective Services was alerted and while the mother was visiting her sister, the sisters boyfriend was released from prison. This entitled CPS to abduct the beautiful child under the guise that the mother was now associated with people who "was not in the best interest of the child" calling for the removal of the child from the home and submerging the baby into foster care until it could be adopted out. Strange how the Federal government provides funding for it's state employees using Title IV-D.

Please do not feel the need to donate to Equestrian Travel Mall and Legal Services, a non-profit organization, we are use to the retaliation, false arrests, malicious prosecutions and torture by U.S. Government officials.  Donate to any of the following agencies who do nothing but usurp donations under the guise of 501(c)3 and willing to allow judicial corruption spread like wild fire.  Here is the PARTIAL list:

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